End to End Patient Engagement

We help you automate appointment reminders, patient education, and followup so you can spend less time on the phone, and more time with your patients.

Stop calling and start texting

According to pew research, 97% of Americans use text messaging every day, and most of them prefer receiving text messages over phone calls.

Educate Patients with Video

Use video messages to explain procedures and diagnoses to patients, better prepare them for their appointments, and improve their discharge experience.

End to End Patient Relationship Management

The Tine Health’s Patient Relationship Managment Platform allows you to use text messages to securely communicate with your patients.

Decrease Operating Costs

We can reduce the burden on your employees by automating reaching out to your patients with text messages, reminding them of their appointment, walking them through how to prepare for their appointment, and even answering a number of popular questions.

Improve Patient Satisfaction

By providing consistent and comprehensive reminders and education that patients can watch repeatedly by themselves or share with their caregivers, we can help you deliver an experience that your patients not only love but one that will help with heal better while adhering to your instructions.

Reduce Liability

Over 50% of communication-based claims are focused on patient education. With Tine, not only can you consistently deliver high-quality education that does a great job both informing and preparing your patients, but you can also track their engagement and have clear insights into when they actually watched the content you provided to them.

Increase Reputation & Referrals

Tine uses artificial intelligence along with secure surveys to understand exactly which patients had a great experience while highlighting those that may need additional engagement.  We then help your best patients drive additional referrals into your business.

What Tine can do for Patient Engagement.

Appointment Reminders

Tine sends scheduled reminders to your patients, resulting in fewer missed appointments and delays.

Video Instructions

We enable you to send video-based education before and after a visit, clearly educating your patients.

Followup & Surveys

Check in with your patients days or weeks after they’ve been discharged to see how they are doing while gaining valuable insights.

More Patients

Turn your patients into your champions, and enable them to speak positively about you to increase your referrals.

What Tine can do for Patient Engagement.

Appointment Reminders

Tine sends scheduled reminders to your patients, resulting in fewer missed appointments and delays.

Why texting is a better way to communicate with patients.

Patient Engagement Rates with Different Platforms


97% of Americans use text messaging once per day.

Written Education

Less than 40% of patients read and understand written medical materials.

EHR Portals

Less than 30% of patients ever log into a EHR system.

Smartphone Apps

Less than 50% of smartphone owners ever install an app.

Voice Call for Landlines

We know that some patients have landlines. Tine’s PRM Platform can automatically detect a landline, convert the text message into voice, call the patient, and read them their message over the phone.