We make Medical Devices easier to use

Tine provides clinicians instant access to short videos on training, troubleshooting and maintenance for medical devices.

Overcome adoptioncomplexitytrainingfeature usage objections and help hospitals adopt your products.

Training Challenges

New Hires and Visiting Staff lead to gaps in training.

Feature Adoption

Clinicians can't remember how to use advance features.

Device Complexity

Clinicians are overwhelmed by technology.

Customer Satisfaction

Clinicians find new devices frustrating.

Tine makes bite-sized learningjust-in-time trainingmedical devicessales training as simple as 1-2-3

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The Tine Health App

Available on Desktops, Tablets and Phones (iOS and Android)

Features a searchable library built and customized for each customer

Can support multiple content formats for on-demand, bite-sized learning


Quick 60 to 90 second videos

Interactive Media

Protocols & algorithms to guide nurses

Tip Sheets

PDF file with additional information


Attachments & links to other sites

How the Tine Health App works

Why Tine Supports Just-in-Time Training

Did you know that humans forget 50-80% of information learned within a week of training if not used?
Just-in-time training addresses just that.

Provides easily digestible info

Break up blocks of information into smaller subset topics, ideally 5 minutes short, to capture and manage your employees’ attention

Eliminates scheduling conflicts

Learners can access learning materials at their most convenient time, and easily fit training in their busy daily schedules

Accessible at the point of need

Provide relevant content when and where employees need it, removing the non-essentials and promoting focus on the task at hand

Promotes continuous learning

Easily update learning materials and roll out new ones as changes come up in the rapidly growing healthcare industry

Supplements in-person trainings

Reinforce classroom training and minimize the time between training and task completion, reducing error rates and knowledge gaps

Thrives in a mobile-first world

Keep up with employees’ demand for remotely available and easily accessible information through a device they are fully accustomed to

Reduces training costs

Save up to 50% from cutting down on expenses related to classroom trainings and wasted employee productivity

Drives learner retention

Short bursts of information, plus minimal time commitment and access at their fingertips equate to highly engaged employees

Tine is designed for Healthcare Professionals

Tine for Medical Device Companies

Improve device adoption, increase advanced feature usage, and increase customer satisfaction

Tine for Hospitals

Increase efficiency of your hospital staff by providing education on medical devices and proper practices at the point of care

Tine for Medical Device Sales Teams

Keep your sales teams informed while supporting their focus on closing sales with on the go training

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