About Us

Who We Are

Medical Devices are more complicated than ever, and with high nurse turnover, traditional education methods aren’t keeping up.

At Tine Health, we aim to solve this problem by providing healthcare workers with access to quick video education on their mobile device. Our learning system is based on real-world scenarios from actual clinical practice, which dramatically improves retention over traditional eLearning formats. 

We are proud to say that our product has been successful at improving medical device rollouts, augmenting staff education, driving consistency of care across the hospital and overall improving patient experience at our partner institutions.

Our vision is to make things around us interactive. We are changing how nurses work by making medical devices and procedures smart and interactive, and providing on-demand guidance at the point of care.

We want to change the way medicine is practiced by becoming the ubiquitous solution that enables the hospitals to provide better care. We want to make nurses’ lives easier.

We partner with leading Medical Device companies and enable them to make their devices easier to use by bundling Tine with the products they sell to hospitals. With Tine, hospitals provide their staff with mobile-friendly just-in-time training on how to properly use medical devices.