What content can be placed on a Tine Health tag?

Tine Health tags can be used to showcase widely variable training content. While most customers choose brief (1-2 minute) videos to deliver their just in time training message, other options include audio only, static pictures, a series of powerpoint slides, longer video content, and more. If you have a content idea that is not listed here, give us a call and we’ll work with you to create a solution that meets your needs.

Who creates the video content?

Most content is created by your hospital. This allows you to ensure that everything is customized to meet your specific needs. With Tine’s easy-to-use content creation app, Tine Producer, you can create new content in just a few minutes and send it to us for processing. Our technical support team will optimize the content and have it ready for live use in 1 – 2 business days.

Videos in the Tine Health Library relating to medical device troubleshooting topics common to all hospitals are created by medical device manufacturers and approved by them for use with their equipment. Tine Health encourages you to look carefully at this content to ensure it meets your specific needs.

Videos in the Tine Health Library relating to medical procedures common to all hospitals are created by leading healthcare organizations, specifically intended for use by Tine Health customers. The organization responsible for the content creation will be clearly identified with the training, so Tine Health encourages you to look carefully at this content to ensure it meets your specific needs. If you are interested in creating content of this type, please contact us today!

Who owns the content?

The creator owns the content. If you’ve created the content, it is forever owned by you and only available for use by your employees — unless you choose to partner with us on content creation specifically intended for use by a wider audience. You may contact us to learn more about this partnership opportunity.

What if my staff isn’t allowed to use smartphones? Can we still use Tine Health?

No problem. You can absolutely still use our platform. We have innovative solutions for hospitals who do not allow smartphones on the floor. Please contact us for more information.

Who has access to the dashboard?

A private, encrypted, and password protected enterprise dashboard will be created specifically for your organization. Only the administrators whom you choose (and the appropriately clearanced Tine Health technical staff) will be able to access your data.

Does Tine Health need to be integrated with hospital IT?

Good news! Tine Health solutions do not need to be downloaded or installed on any hospital-owned equipment. There is nothing to integrate with your EHR system, and there is no ongoing technical oversight that requires IT resources.

What if a medical device has numerous JITT needs? Does this require multiple Tine Health tags?

Don’t worry – you won’t have to stick 15 different Tine Health tags to the same piece of medical equipment just because it requires multiple content options. Instead, Tine Health’s technical team can create a single Tine Health tag that will link to all training content relevant to that device. Users who scan the single Tine Health tag will be provided with a menu that they can use to instantly navigate to the specific training they require.

Does the dashboard show when a Tine Health tag’s content was last updated?

Yes. We understand the importance of knowing the history of your training content – not just to keep it fresh for your internal users, but also to make it verifiable by any third party quality organizations (Joint Commission, DMV, etc.) who may be evaluating your institution. Our system provides a complete history for all content.

What is the cost of the program? What contract options are available?

When it comes to pricing, we have numerous contract options available, and these are flexible enough to meet the needs of any institution. Our most popular plans offer customized pricing options that include a set price based on a certain number of users or a specific number of use cases. For example:

a) Per User, Per Month plans offer pricing as low as $10 per user per month.
b) Per Use Plans offer pricing as low as $1000 per month for the entire hospital.
c) Some combination thereof that meets your specific needs.

Each of these plans is subject to certain minimums and/or restrictions, which we’d be happy to discuss with you.

We also offer a variety of discounts to help you maximize your ROI with Tine Health, including volume-based, system, multi-hospital, and multi-year options.

The bottom line is that Tine Health won’t let pricing stand in the way of doing business with you. We’re looking to build long-term, ‘win-win’ partnerships, and we recognize that friendly contracting is just as important as a great product. For more specifics, give us a call and let’s craft an agreement that meets your needs.