Microlearning for Sales Teams

How Tine Health can help hospitals

Hospitals are struggling with medical device education

The Problem

Medical devices are more complicated than ever

Medical devices can be complicated, and understanding how they work can be difficult.  Studies have shown a direct correlation between the time that has elapsed since training and the error rate of a procedure.

Hospital staff can't remember all their training

Launching new devices can be difficult. Even after initial training, it can take staff multiple weeks, additional training, and a lot of time off the floor to learn how to correctly use devices.

The current health crisis brings about many physical limitations

Due to the COVID-19 situation, certain physical restrictions are implemented in hospitals and in their local areas. Sales staff of medical device companies are therefore not allowed into hospitals to engage and train staff.
Annual Spend on Medical Devices
New Nurses
Info Remembered by Nurses


Nurses make mistakes because they don’t know how to correctly use devices.

Slow Adoption

Nurses aren’t confident using new equipment and may avoid devices.

One off in services

Sales teams have to revisit hospitals and retrain due to new staff who missed training.

Unused Features

Nurses can’t remember how to use all the features of a device leading to low ROI.

The Tine Health Microlearning Platform

We provide access to education at the point of care via just-in-time education

Tine Benefits

Faster Rollouts

Device training content can be rolled out to multiple devices and nurses in one go.

Smooth Adoption

Physical training is complimented by digital materials that nurses can easily and continuously access as they care for their patients.

Increased Usage

Nurses feel more confident and empowered to use medical devices with sufficient, recent training.

Reduced Errors

Nurses can access materials on correct usage of devices at their point of need.

One-off In Services

Sales teams no longer need to revisit hospitals and retrain due to new staff who missed initial training.

More Efficient Operations

Savings on cost can be allocated to other resources to increase the company's productivity.

Tine App Features

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Available on Desktops, Tablets and Phones (iOS and Android)

Features a searchable library built and customized for each customer

Can support multiple content formats


Quick 60 to 90 second videos

Interactive Media

Protocols & algorithms to guide nurses

Tip Sheets

PDF file with additional information


Attachments & links to other sites

Tine Analytics

User-level or department-level reports and analytics can be customized according to the hospital’s requirements.

Know: What features are users watching? What videos are getting the most attention?


Where Tine Health Can Help Hospitals

Microlearning training for new medical devices

With Tine Health and just in time training, classroom knowledge can be reinforced before using any device, leading to a better experience for clinicians.

Microlearning for high-risk, low-use devices

Tine Health can be used to quickly retrain staff on critical steps before using a device or performing a procedure, leading to significantly lower error rates.  The content attached to the tags can be updated remotely, at any time, quickly informing staff of changes.

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