Tine for Sales Teams

Keep your Sales Teams informed while supporting their focus on
closing sales with on the go training

Tine makes medical devicesdevice educationstaying up to datebecoming a sales expert as easy as 1-2-3

Tine can help companies with sales training

Get access to product education on the go.

Up-to-date Training

There are always new updates in medical devices, sales practices or company protocols. Sales teams may lose confidence and feel unequipped to carry out their task if they are not able to keep up with these changes.

Mobile Training in the Field

Coordinating schedules for in-person training is a common problem of sales teams. A company’s well-planned training program won’t be of any use if your team is out on the field and can’t attend it.

Sales Training Refreshers

New skills are usually lost within a month of training.  Access to quick videos enables your sales team to get video refreshers that can make sure they don’t only pitch the features they remember.
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The Tine Health App

Available on Desktops, Tablets and Phones (iOS and Android)

Features a searchable library built and customized for each customer

Can support multiple content formats for on-demand, bite-sized learning


Quick 60 to 90 second videos

Interactive Media

Protocols & algorithms to guide nurses

Tip Sheets

PDF file with additional information


Attachments & links to other sites

How the Tine Health App works

Tine Benefits

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